3DTuning - styling and tuning, disk neon, iridescent car paint, tons of wheels, spoilers, vinyls, custom color, partial painting of Hyundai Sonata Sedan 2006

3D realistic tuning and styling, custom painting and materials, disk neon, iridescent car paint, tons of wheels, vinyls, spoilers and other parts for Hyundai Sonata Sedan 2006

Hyundai Sonata'06

Hyundai Sonata Sedan 2006HyundaiHyundai Sonata Sedan 2006

차량에 대한정보와 갤러리

The NF Sonata was launched in 2004 in Korea, based on a new platform created from the project NF. The company's first all-aluminum I4 engine debuted in the new Sonata. Engine choices at launch were a 2.4L I4 (164 hp) and a 3.3L V6 (237 hp). In Korea the 2.4L was sold as the F24S. The 2.0L Gasoline Version was only sold in Korea and proved more popular there due to added gas, tax and insurance savings. The diesel version was used as a taxicab in Singapore.

2005 - 2010
Sedan (5 seats)
5 Manual 4 Automatic
4800 mm
1832 mm
1475 mm
2730 mm
트렁크 용량=화물 볼륨
523 l
최대 토크torque
189 nm