3DTuning - styling and tuning, disk neon, iridescent car paint, tons of wheels, spoilers, vinyls, custom color, partial painting of Holden HSV GTS sedan 2010

3D realistic tuning and styling, custom painting and materials, disk neon, iridescent car paint, tons of wheels, vinyls, spoilers and other parts for Holden HSV GTS sedan 2010

Holden HSV GTS'10

Holden HSV GTS sedan 2010HoldenHolden HSV GTS sedan 2010

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The GTS has usually used a more powerful engine and robust drivetrain than other HSV models, however the E-Series 1 GTS shared the 6.0L LS2 V8 engine with 412 hp and 550 Nm of torque, with cheaper Clubsport and luxury Senator. The major difference between the E-Series GTS and other HSV models in the range is the Magnetic Ride Control (MRC, or "MagneRide"). MRC utilises magnetorheological dampers to improve the car's handling and dynamics. In the GTS, the MRC can be switched on Track mode. The GTS can stop from 100 km/h in just 36 metres, only 30 centimeters shy of a Porsche 997.

GM Holden
1992 - now
Sedan (5 places)
5Manual, 5 Automatic
4789 mm
1840 mm
1397 mm
2788 mm
최대 토크torque
510 nm