3DTuning - styling and tuning, disk neon, iridescent car paint, tons of wheels, spoilers, vinyls, custom color, partial painting of Lada 21047 Wagon 1999

3D realistic tuning and styling, custom painting and materials, disk neon, iridescent car paint, tons of wheels, vinyls, spoilers and other parts for Lada 21047 Wagon 1999

Lada 21047'99

Lada 21047 Wagon 1999LadaLada 21047 Wagon 1999

차량에 대한정보와 갤러리

VAZ-2104, the "quartet" - Soviet and Russian rear-wheel drive car with a wagon body. Developed on the Volga Automobile Plant, it was produced from 1984 to 2012. Export modifications were called Lada Estate, Lada Riva Break and Lada Nova Combi. Later on, wagon modification VAZ-21047 appeared on the market, equipped with five-speed gearbox, electrical and interior anatomical front seats from VAZ-2107. VAZ-21047 uses 1.5 liter carburetor engine and 5-speed mechanical gearbox.

Volga avtomonilny plant
1998 - 2006
Estate (5 places)
5 MT
4166 mm
1611 mm
1440 mm
2424 mm
트렁크 용량=화물 볼륨
345 l
최대 토크torque
116 nm